We need volunteers to help get critical COVID solutions to market faster.






The COVID-19 outbreak has created massive disruptions to the hospital care model globally and has rendered existing practice paradigms insufficient.

UCSF, and other startups in the Silicon Valley healthcare innovation ecosystem, need help to redesign established care models, pivot existing therapies and devices, and find solutions to remove delivery bottlenecks.



UCSF Volunteer Patriots Program is an initiative by UCSF Health Hub to bring together the best in technology, design and business in healthcare, and to leverage the exceptional talent pool available in Silicon Valley, to ensure that San Francisco Bay Area’s response to the epidemic is as collaborative as it is world-class.

The program brings together the best-in-class healthcare experts and connects them to legitimate, innovative and life-saving COVID projects that need help, to redesign existing healthcare delivery models, to empower UCSF to better serve patients, and to enable selected startups speed their COVID response solutions to market, in the wake of this crisis.

How it works


Legitimate, life-saving & mission-critical COVID projects that need help are posted by UCSF, other major hospital systems, and funded, early stage companies to be shared with the UCSF Health Hub community.


Those experts who are interested in helping with these projects, and have the requisite world-class skills and expertise, can apply to these projects. Their participation in the project is completely voluntary.


The most qualified experts for these projects will be identified by UCSF Health Hub and matched to the teams working directly on these projects, to take the initiatives forward.


"The UCSF Volunteer Patriots Program introduced us at UCSF Innovation Ventures to Slalom Consulting who is now delivering an important pro bono project of setting up our Marketing Cloud, with a significant cost and time saving - helping us serve our waiting patients faster."

- David Steuer,
UCSF Medical Center

"Within 2 weeks of the match, I was able to help BreathResearch get their seed funding, which is helping them strengthen their AI-powered, spirometry-based, COVID detection platform. Now, I am helping two others as a UCSF Volunteer Patriot."

- Jonathan Burbaum,
VC & Life Sciences Entrepreneur

"Within a week, I was matched to Pinpoint Sciences as a fundraising advisor for their 30-second handheld COVID test. I am deeply involved with them in fundraising, and have also referred them to various hardware experts who can help them take the next step." 

- Michael Tippie,
General Partner, Alignment VC

"Our operations advisor, Joseph Salama, not only helped us in getting our COVID modules for addressing physician burnout ready in 2 weeks but also got us in touch with leading medical societies to expand our reach. Extremely satisfied!"

- 2022还能用的梯子,
CEO, RechargeMD

"UCSF Volunteer Patriots introduced us to the Innovation Team at UCSF, which is helping us test out and expand on our quarantine management platform."

- Dr. Nirav Shah,
CEO, Sentinel AI


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Remote Monitoring Company

A remote monitoring company with an app to triage potential COVID patients for testing or to monitor diagnosed patients for conditions before hospital admissions is seeking a principal investigator.


Molecular Sciences Company

A novel molecular science company that is investigating approaches to nucleic acid-based COVID testing for point of care applications is seeking a principal investigator.



A StartX company investigating the potential of stem cells in acute immune events and in reversing the long-term damages sustained by COVID patients is seeking a principal investigator.


Patient Messaging Company

An enterprise healthcare productivity firm that automates outpatient communication is seeking a Sales/ Business Development Mentor for their free COVID management system.


Behavioral Health Company

A behavioral health virtual care solution company that has launched a COVID app to support clinical trials, and help people struggling with self-isolation, is seeking a fundraising advisor.


Biotechnology Startup

A biotech startup that has identified a novel metabolite that can lower inflammation marker NLR, the biggest risk factor affecting COVID severity, is looking for a principal investigator.


Novel Breathing Device Firm

A medical device company that has created an innovative breathing instrument, which has been awarded the European Product Design Award, and is pending FDA approval, seeking a business luminary/advisor.


A platform that allows clinicians to find relevant COVID information quickly, as well as enables them to post their tips and bedside successes for others to benefit from, is seeking a UX/ web expert to help redesign their platform.

Molecular Diagnostics Firm

A molecular diagnostic company that has developed a novel, ELISA-based COVID point-of-care testing technology and is working with a leading med-device company to start production is seeking a  fundraising mentor.
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Meet a Volunteer Patriot

Neil Day | CTO and Serial Investor

"I design complex systems, write software and lead development teams. I've spent the last year as Interim CTO at Dr. Consulta, the largest network of health clinics in South America, and have aextensive experience as a Technology Advisor and Board Member. I'm an enthusiastic supporter of UCSF, and I want to do my part to defeat this virus.


Meet a UCSF Physician


Dr. Michael Blum | Executive Director, Center for Digital Innovation, UCSF

"I was overwhelmed by the quality of the advisors willing to help us at UCSF’s CDHI to get some of our COVID impacted projects faster to the market. We are hard pressed to deliver what’s needed today and this is a great resource for us."


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We can be a part of helping UCSF and many others working tirelessly on COVID solutions instead of just potentially being another part of the patient problem".

- Mark H. Goldstein, Chairman, UCSF Health Hub


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